Low Effort 3D Assets!

   These were made for personal use, but I figured I may as well share them as well!
Items come and go from being listed here. Mostly, they vanish when I get embarrassed looking at earlier models.

   Terms of Use
    - Can be used for streaming, VTubing, VRchat, making videos, etc.
    - Credit not required but appreciated!
    - Modification for your own use is allowed.
    - Attaching to other models/games/etc to sell is prohibited.
    - Prohibited to use for politics, slanderous activities or acts that are offensive to public order.


   Really dumb wiimote model that I originally only made for a render, but ended up as a prop too. This has far too many tris for my taste. I didn't worry about it since it doesn't matter for my usecase, but keep it in mind if you use it. (Might not want to throw 10 of them at once or whatever.) Has 968 tris, and uses Poiyomi as shader.

VNyan Prop + Throwable

Ape Escape Hat

   Slapped together one of the helmets from Ape Escape for a joke.
Doesn't flash or anything. Has 98 tris. The fbx is untouched from blender as usual.
Prop uses Poiyomi as shader.

VNyan Prop + fbx


   A revolver I made for a one-off joke.
Might revise this later if I see anything I feel like improving. Sits at 792 tris.
As usual, fbx is untouched from blender. Prop uses Poiyomi as shader.

VNyan Prop + fbx


   A set of "sorta low poly" pumpkin throwables/props for VNyan. If I remember right, they should all be around 300-400 tris. Three flavors: small, small carved and a round one. Originally made these for use in a render. So, I turned them into props. These use MToon as the shader.
As a small, very late note, I have noticed the scale on these is microscopic. Might get around to fixing it by next October.

Props + Throwables