Home of Not Very Much!

   This site is just a place to hold a list of games I have played on stream, and the associated links to the VODs. (Makes it easier to see what I have (or haven't) played as well on your end!) Use ctrl+f/whatever to search if you're looking for a specific game, since they are ordered by date (for now). If a game has a playlist, but it is empty, then the videos are probably scheduled "Soon". This is also a place to hold a pile of Bryce renders I do sometimes.

About Me!

   I'm Nemuri Amata! Just an overworked conductor in Limbo/VTuber. I am generally pretty terrible at video games. But, that is where the fun is!


   Here's, more or less, a pile of links to other places I am.

Twitter @NemuriAmata
Youtube VOD Archive